May 18, 2016 admin

Connecticut Trip Update!

Last week, the whole crew was in and around Milford, Connecticut to film a section of the film. We really wanted to focus on something we’ve never seen before…and we found that in the K9 First Responders. These incredible dogs and their handlers help out whenever they’re asked for, including huge events like the Boston Marathon. They provide support and comfort for whoever wants it- though sometimes the dogs know before anyone who is feeling down, upset, or anxious.

We were lucky enough to have Bradford Cole show us around on our 5 day stay. Brad is the Executive Director of K9 First Responders, and connected us with a lot of people who were more than willing to tell their incredible stories of doggy love and compassion.


Our Director of Photography, Francis, having some one-on-one time with Spartacus.


We were expecting high emotional content, but we were blown away by the lasting connection made between handlers like Brad, his dog Spartacus, and the people that they comforted after tragedy struck. We found out from our many interviews that, after a tragedy, a bunch of services are deployed, such as fire, ems, police, etc, to help out with the situation. But after the situation is contained, or after a week or so, those services are required to leave. Unfortunately there just aren’t enough servicemen to go around, leaving the impacted citizens on their own again. That isn’t the case with K9FR. They fully understand and appreciate that wounds don’t heal in just a week, and sometimes you need a lot of time with a furry companion to take your mind off things. Because of this, they regularly keep in contact with those who have reached out to them.

We spent a lot of time that week with many fire fighters, who also said having the dogs around is an incredible idea. Sometimes we forget that first responders are people too, and they deal with tough situations every day. No wonder fire houses have a history of Dalmatians!

Connecticut was fantastic, and we filmed a ton of great footage. Now, where to next….?