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May’s Therapy Animal of the Month is….




Gizmo is the 3.5 pound wonderdog hailing from Connecticut! For those wondering what breed he is, he has a number of breeds in his ancestry, including Maltese, Papillion, and Japanese Chin! No wonder he’s so cute.

We met him on our trip, and instantly fell in love. Not only is Gizmo instantly everyone’s best friend, but he’s a very hard worker, too. He is a therapy dog with Paws for Friendship, and visits many people to help them feel good and de-stress. He also loves books, and because of that, visits Hartford Public Library twice a month to help children learn to read. Perhaps most amazingly, Gizmo is a member of the K9 First Responders, where he is part of an emergency psychological trauma response team, with his handler Jen Adams!


Gizmo and his sister, Mini Cooper.

Giz supports many causes. He raises funds for children’s charities and other things like pet rescues, food pantries, veteran’s causes, civics education, disabilities awareness, and even cancer research! He also does educational programs on topics such as anti bullying, how to be helpers in our communities, and animal care and safety.

Gizmo has touched many hearts, and it’s shown by how many news articles, radio shows, viral videos, TV segments, dog magazines, and even poems(!!) he has been featured in!

After hanging around with Gizmo and Jen for a day, you come to understand just how loving they are, and how much they truly give back to the community. It’s this reason that Giz is our therapy animal of the month!

Oh, that, and…..cuz we’re frens!


Check out Gizmo’s Fan page if you haven’t already, and learn about all the other AMAZING stuff he does!



What a smile!