Spartacus is July’s Therapy Animal of the Month!

Congratulations, Spartacus!


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Spartacus is our very special Therapy Animal of the Month for July!

Spartacus is a 125 pound 6 year old Akita (he’ll be 7 in September, if you’re waiting to get him a birthday present). He’s a member of the K9 First Responders, based in Connecticut.


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He’s a bit of a celebrity around those parts, and for good reason!


How can you not love those giant fluffy feet?

Spartacus isn’t an ordinary therapy dog! He’s helped people in some of the worst situations of their lives. After the tragedies of Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon, Spartacus was there giving out hugs and kisses to anyone who needed them. He also helps kids learn to read, and even brings smiles to people in hospitals who might be having a bad day. He goes wherever he is needed, along with his team and his awesome handler, Brad Cole. They make an amazing duo, that’s for sure!


Spartacus’s favourite spot to relax is along the break wall near his home. Watching the sunset over the sea can be quite beautiful and calming after a hard day’s work. Oh, and his favourite treat is pizza crusts. What can we say, Spartacus has a big heart, AND a big stomach. We loved hanging out with Brad and Spartacus during our time in Connecticut, and we can’t wait to share Spartacus’s story with the world when our film is done!


Spartacus looking handsome for our film crew.

If you want to keep up with all Spartacus and his K9 First Responder friends are up to you can find him in our film, or at any of these links!

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